Friday, October 14, 2011

hello OCTOBER!

hello peeps ^_^

fuyoo! dah lame gile tak hapdet belog neh.  btw,  hello OCTOBER! okay final exam dah settle and hureyyy!  semester 4 sudah melabuhkan tirainya.  hopefully this semester baik-baik aje. (janganla ade kantoi paper)  #sigh.  kalau ade kantoi nanti susah lew awok nak praktikal nanti cik Dyla oii (:  cuti sem?  B.O.S.A.N!!!  #pfffttt.  baru seminggu cuti, believe me or not,  i do miss Jengka so much! hewhewhew.  and permulaan cuti neh disambut dengan D.E.M.A.M  yang sangat mencabar kesabaran saya oke!  hmm.   ouhh  D.E.M.A.M  please go way can you? hihihi.  plan for this holiday?  naaaa!  i don't even thinking about it yet.  hahaha. maybe i will spent the rest of my holiday at my hometown with my besties :)  there's no such a good place other than our hometown aite?  ILOVEYOUKUANTAN!!! auww auww!!! oh yaaa!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!   for those who was born in this month.  have a blast okay.  wehuuuu!!!   hahaha. what else huh?  #sigh.  maybe that's all for now.  just a short entry aite?  enough to say that I'm still here bebeyh!!!  hahahha  ^_^

-the end-