Sunday, January 8, 2012


hello peeps ^-^

first of all, this is my first entry for 2012.  so byebye 2011 and Hello 2012!!!  aduh kau neh Dyla selalu lambat dari orang kan.  orang semua dah sibuk sibuk cite pasal Chinese New Year, kau baru nak cite pasal New Year???  pape jelaaa nokss ^_^

As usual, New Year kali neh pun still same like before which means that no celebrate celebrate okay ;)  tapi on 31st December last year kan  #eceh macam lama sangat je kan  aku sempat laa berdating ngan besties. 

so for this short entry malas nak cite byk just nak wish Happy New Year!!! and now i'm forever 21 sudaa. wehuuu ;)  kbai! 

-the end-