Tuesday, December 27, 2011


hello peeps ^_^

okay, entry kali neh rase mcm nak bercerita jelaa. hehe. now, lets begin our story...

he used to be my friend, i mean just a friend.  but then it turns into "best friend" i guess.  ahaa! well, i am comfortable making friend with him.  when i'm with him, all turns upside down. haha! he's crazy, i mean serious shit crazy.  when i'm with him, i just be myself and hell yeahhhh that is me! :)  when i'm with him, i can talk anything non stop like this world is belong to me.  when i'm with him, i can laugh and laugh and laugh until i feel like i wanna stop.  when i'm with him, it feels like it just me and him on that moment and yes! i don't care anything else on that moment.  and when i'm with him, everything seems so beautiful.
he came into my life just in time when i need someone, i mean a strength to move on even though he is just a friend.  for the first time i thought that he just a friend for me, but everything change.  now, everything i do i will thinking about him.  yes! i think i like him and i like him for the way he is.  not because of he is handsome or cute or rich or what, but it come sincerely deep inside my heart. if i have to keep this feeling forever, hmm i don't mind because instead of loosing you in my life, i prefer to be like this forever because yesss! i do love our friendship :)

heyyyy Mr. F!  thanks for being with me whenever i need someone by my side.  you such a good friend and i thank God for give me a friend like you.  hopefully, our friendship will last forever and even though after we had grad from our studies, i hope that you're still be with me.  

-the end-